Norbury's Plum Jerkum

Norbury's Black Bull Cider Company have been making and selling cider in Worcestershire since 1979. They had often heard of a drink similar to cider, made in the Vale of Evesham, but using plums instead of apples.
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This drink was known as Plum Jerkum or Jerky. It seems to have been popular up to the 1920s but then to have fallen out of favour, maybe this was because it was often made very (too?) strong. "It as bin known to put some folks on their backs and to leave um feelin far from well nex mornin".

Norbury's have decided to revive this lost drink, using plums grown on their farm near Malvern. The result is a delicious, fairly strong, medium sweet drink that they are sure you will enjoy. 


75cl - 8.0% ABV

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