Kingstone Press

The story of our cider begins with over 1,000 acres of orchards across Worcestershire & Herefordshire yielding a crop of different varieties of bittersweet and dessert apples for our cider makers to blend.

The sustainability and variety of our apples is crucial for us to deliver great tasting ciders, which is why we work with over twenty different farmer partners and agree twenty five year contracts to secure our supply for a generation.

We then take the apples for pressing to our ’Kingstone’ press which sits proudly within our Cider Mill on the banks of the river Severn. It’s named ‘Kingstone’ after the Herefordshire village close to where we harvested our first apples.

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Kingstone Press Classic Apple Cider

Our Classic Apple Cider is a refreshingly fruity, medium dry cider with a smooth, crisp finish. It’s crafted with a blend of the finest Dabinett and Michelin bittersweet apples from our local orchards and balanced with juice from refreshing eating apples.
From £1.75

Kingstone Press Pear Cider

Our Classic Pear Cider is a refreshing medium sweet pear cider with a smooth dry, crisp finish. It is crafted with a blend of juice from carefully selected varieties of pears to an authentic recipe from the Head Cider Maker.
From £1.75

Kingstone Press Wild Berry

This Wild Berry flavoured cider is a refreshing medium sweet fruit cider, with a smooth, crisp finish. It is crafted by cider makers blending an authentic apple cider recipe, made with culinary and eating apple juice, together with a carefully selected cocktail of wild berry flavours.
From £1.75