Hillside Brewery

Proud to be small…
We are only a small brewery and we are very proud of that. In fact writing this is stopping me doing deliveries or helping our head brewer with the latest creation!

And it is that creation, that passion to enjoy another great beer that keeps us getting up in the morning (although the view does help!). We love what we do and, to be honest, the people we do it with and who we do it for.

Be that a cask going to a pub locally or, as our reputation grows, further afield or it a group coming in for a brewery tour. The enthusiasm they have for us to produce a great tasting beer is more than enough for us to head in to the brewery and get the mash tun going!

Our range is evolving as we realise what our customers like and, ok let’s be honest, what they don’t! We now have a great core range which we brew and we are adding craft specials to this selection on an ongoing basis.