Barbourne Cider Company

Barbourne Cider
Our ciders are made from a mixture of bittersweet, bittersharp and sharp apples which are grown in standard and half standard orchards in Worcestershire. We take a pride in knowing the orchard location and the varieties of apples used in every barrel we make, which in turn means we able to understand and influence the flavours and qualities of our finished ciders.

We use orchards that contain some of the older varieties of cider apples which make some really distinctive ciders. Early in the season we press Foxwhelp with Bulmers Norman, Redstreak and Major with Browns Apple and Harry Masters Jersey with Browns Apple. Later on other varieties ripen such as Lavignee, Brown Snout, White Norman and Kington Black. The Kingston Black is fermented on its own and bottle conditioned later as a single varietal cider. By mid November we are picking and pressing Dabinet, Yarlington Mill, Ashton Brown Jersey and finally Vilberie.

After fermentation on wild yeasts, the barrels are racked and by late Spring certain blends and single varietal ciders are selected for bottling and competitions such as Putley's Big Apple contest and The Three Counties Competition.