About us

Crumpton Hill Farm Shop opened in October 2014. Before being the farm shop it is today, the shop started life as a farm shop selling the fruit which was grown on site. The farm then became a cider farm and the shop became well known for selling Knights Cider, both Malvern Gold and Malvern Oak. As well as selling the bottled cider, the shop also sold draught cider straight from the large vats in the wall. The shop closed in June 2014 as the manager retired. As locals in Storridge for over 20 years, we felt there was a need in the village for a farm shop specialising in local and fresh fruit and vegetables. As well as the fruit and vegetables, condiments, jams, meats, milk, cheese, bread and cakes, we also have a large range of local ciders, perrys, beers and wines. As the shop is set in the beautiful apple orchards of the farm, we are looking to expand into selling teas, coffees and freshly made cakes for our customers. As well as the tea room, we also have many plans for the shop including expanding the cider, beer and wine range so it’s the best in the area.

EASTER Opening Times

  • Monday 5th April - CLOSED
  • Tuesday 6th April - CLOSED
  • Wednesday 7th April - CLOSED
  • Thursday 8th April -  - CLOSED
  • Fridays - Open for customers to do their own shopping - 9am - 4pm
  • Saturdays - Open for customers to do their own shopping - 9am - 4pm
  • Sundays - CLOSED